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Lenovo IBM ThinkPad X32 Laptop reviews

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Lenovo IBM ThinkPad X32
Intel Pentium M (1.8 GHz) , 512 MB DDR SDRAM , 512 MB DDR SDRAM , 40 GB IDE , 40 GB IDE , 12.1 in TFT active matrix

Lenovo IBM ThinkPad X32 review from CNET Reviews

"For businesspeople who work long hours on the road, the ThinkPad X32 offers an excellent combination of light weight, sufficient screen and keyboard space, plenty of ports, and lengthy battery life.

Frequent business fliers who burn the midnight oil would do well to consider the ThinkPad X32. This ultraportable offers enough keyboard and screen space, battery life, and connectivity to get some serious work done on the road. Yet despite all of these perks, it still comes in at less than four pounds. The only mobile employees who might not embrace the ThinkPad X32 are those who require an integrated optical drive."
reviewed on 2005-05-25 Read the full CNET Reviews - Lenovo IBM ThinkPad X32 Review

Lenovo IBM ThinkPad X32 review from Notebook Review

"The ThinkPad X32 is the latest revision to the X30 series of ThinkPad notebook computers. Although the X32 is designated as an ultraportable notebook along the lines of X40 and X41 series ThinkPads, the X32 may also be compared to the IBM T Series ThinkPads. In fact, while the X32 is a very attractive notebook computer in its own right, it seems to suffer from a bit of an "identity crisis," in that it blends features of other ThinkPads without achieving a strong sense of individual identity in it's own right."
reviewed on 2005-07-07 Read the full Notebook Review - Lenovo IBM ThinkPad X32 Review