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Alienware Area-51m 7700 Laptop reviews

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Alienware Area-51m 7700
Intel Pentium M (1.86 GHz) , 512 MB DDR SDRAM , 100 GB HDD, 13.3 in TFT active matrix

Alienware Area-51m 7700 review from TrustedReviews

"The Area-51m 7700 is built into the same Clevo chassis that I've seen previously in the shape of the MV Ixius and the Rock Xtreme Ti. Now, to be fair to Alienware, it's understandable why this chassis is being used, since it's the only one currently available that can handle the latest, high-end graphics chipsets, but I for one am looking forward to some new designs for high-power gaming notebooks. "
reviewed on 2005-04-07 Read the full TrustedReviews - Alienware Area-51m 7700 Review

Alienware Area-51m 7700 review from Laptop Mag

"A gamerís dream machine.
The Area 51-m 7700 runs hot, has a short battery life, and weighs a ton. And you know what? We couldn't care less. This behemoth boasts not only an Intel Pentium 4 560 processor running at 3.6 GHz, but it's also loaded with ATI's fastest graphics processor, the Mobility Radeon X800 with 256MB of memory. Throw in a 1GB chunk of DDR2 memory clocked at 533 MHz and you have a gaming rig that can go toe to toe with many desktops."
reviewed on 2005-03-27 Read the full Laptop Mag - Alienware Area-51m 7700 Review

Alienware Area-51m 7700 review from PC World

"If not quite extraterrestrial, the Alienware Area-51m 7700 is unique among multimedia laptops. Some notebooks offer better entertainment chops, such as models in Toshiba's Satellite and HP's Pavilion lines, but no multimedia laptops I know of flex as much desktop replacement muscle as the 7700. Alienware just needs to apply the finishing touches."
reviewed on 2005-06-24 Read the full PC World - Alienware Area-51m 7700 Review