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Lenovo IBM ThinkPad R52 Laptop reviews

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Lenovo IBM ThinkPad R52
Pentium M 740, 1.73 GHz, 14.1" TFT, RAM 512 MB, 40 GB HDD

Lenovo IBM ThinkPad R52 review from Laptop Mag

"IBM's ThinkPad family is a constant in a changing world. You know you'll always get a best-in-class keyboard and pointing stick/touchpad combination, along with superior durability and security. The R52 continues that tradition while providing fast productivity performance and good Wi-Fi range, plus the ultimate in security.
The ThinkPad R52 is highly recommended for the business user looking for a laptop that balances portability, performance, and superior ergonomics."
reviewed on 2005-07-06 Read the full Laptop Mag - Lenovo IBM ThinkPad R52 Review

Lenovo IBM ThinkPad R52 review from PC World

"IBM updates the processor but not much else with the ThinkPad R52, its latest entry into its R line of laptops. A thicker version of the thin-and-light T line, the R52 is virtually the same 7-pound corporate laptop as last year's R model, only faster and with a couple of new connections, including the new ExpressCard slot, which takes the place of a second PC Card slot."
reviewed on 2005-05-24 Read the full PC World - Lenovo IBM ThinkPad R52 Review

Lenovo IBM ThinkPad R52 review from Cnet Reviews

"Businesses seeking a sturdy, secure, portable workhorse should consider the ThinkPad R52.

IBM recently breathed new life into its mainstream business ThinkPad R-series laptop. For the ThinkPad R52, IBM simply loaded up the ThinkPad R51's solid case with new parts such as Intel's next-generation Centrino platform, fast 533MHz RAM, and ATI's latest Mobility Radeon graphics chips. The result is a well-made laptop with enough oomph to tackle any basic business task. "
reviewed on 2005-04-27 Read the full Cnet Reviews - Lenovo IBM ThinkPad R52 Review