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Lenovo IBM ThinkPad T43 Laptop reviews

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Lenovo IBM ThinkPad T43
Pentium M, 512 MB RAM, 60 GB HDD, ATI MOBILITY RADEON X300 - PCI Express x16,14.1 in TFT

Lenovo IBM ThinkPad T43 review from Cnet Reviews

"The latest iteration of IBM's corporate thin-and-light, the ThinkPad T43, features the same sturdy case as that of the previous model, the ThinkPad T42--a CNET Editors' Choice. The T43 also features some new components, including Intel's latest-generation Centrino chipset. The new parts contribute a small performance gain in exchange for battery life that's about 30 minutes shorter than that of the T42. Both models are good buys, but if you want the longest battery life, choose the T42; if performance is your top priority, pick up the T43."
reviewed on 2005-04-18 Read the full Cnet Reviews - Lenovo IBM ThinkPad T43 Review

Lenovo IBM ThinkPad T43 review from Notebook Review

"The IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad T43 is a corporate thin and light notebook, and is part of IBM's flagship T-series model notebooks. It is nearly identical to the ThinkPad T42 before it, and was released essentially so that IBM could take advantage of the newer Sonoma chipset, though whether this chipset has been ultimately advantageous is debatable.
Overall, the IBM T43 is a remarkably good notebook, with very few issues and many positive extras to make up for them. If you are looking for a well-made thin and light computer for work related tasks, then this computer will be nearly perfect for you. The premium you pay for purchasing an IBM computer is well worth it."
reviewed on 2005-10-05 Read the full Notebook Review - Lenovo IBM ThinkPad T43 Review

Lenovo IBM ThinkPad T43 review from Bent User

"While the T43 won't get you noticed at your local Starbucks like a PowerBook, it will get you respect from those who know quality when the see it. The T43 is a great laptop for a vast majority of users. While it isn't a gaming laptop or an ultra-light, it combines strong performance, a durable package, a manageable weight and great usability. Anyone that needs a full powered notebook without giving up portability needs to give it a hard consideration. The only item keeping the T43 from perfection is the lackluster brightness from the LCD. "
reviewed on 0000-00-00 Read the full Bent User - Lenovo IBM ThinkPad T43 Review

Lenovo IBM ThinkPad T43 review from Laptop Logic

"Whenever someone mentions IBM, the main things that come to mind are innovation, quality, and support. Not only has IBM been an industry leader in computer technology since…..well, the invention of the wheel, but Thinkpads have a legend of being some of the best build laptops available. Today we are taking a look at the new Thinkpad T43. As some of you probably know, the T-Series has always been IBM’s flagship model; offering the most powerful, portable, and innovative features."
reviewed on 2005-06-07 Read the full Laptop Logic - Lenovo IBM ThinkPad T43 Review